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When developing strength and conditioning, we use what we learn from the school of strength  StrongFirst. Wen working on mobility, flexibility and movement quality, we respect the approach of Flexible steel. And of course, we always start by ensuring a minimum of movement pattern proficiency with the internationally used FMS.


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Applying “Grease the groove”

My kettlebell press was lacking for a long time. When not trained, it is the lift I lose first. I remember coming back from my 6-month project in the Caribbean and trying to press my 25kg. I failed. I was very upset, as I pressed it easily before I went. It took me a few days before I could press it again. I had no time to do a program like ETK-ROP, with its heavy day going u [...]

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Grease the groove

I first encountered the concept of Grease the groove (GTG) a few years ago, when I read The naked warrior. In this book, Pavel Tsatsouline suggests a way to develop maximum strength with two bodyweight exercises: one-arm push-up, and one-leg squat (also known as pistol). There is a lot of information in this book on the two exercises, how to generate tension, and what program t [...]

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Training for vanity

Why do we train? Many people I meet at the gym have a very clear goal: they want to look good. Women want to be as skinny as possible, men want to develop a 6-pack and big guns. For most of us, looking better is what dragged us to train (although nobody really agrees on the definition of looking better). A few years ago, I was on the way to be forever fat and weak, and I ma [...]

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Changing the content of a program

“Can I do the program Power to the people, but with only one set of deadlift, alternating bench press and military press every workout, with added squats, 3 sets of 5 instead of 3 sets of 5-3-2, and 3 times per week instead of 5?” Yes, you can do these changes. Please also change the name of the program to Starting strength. There are some themes that regularly pop up [...]

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