About - Strong mobility


I am an average man in his forties. I have gone through the phases fit-unfit-fit again.

We help individuals who have a real life, with job and family, to stay or get back in shape (whatever it means). We do exclusively one-on-one coaching to be able to pay attention to details.

What you will get if you come to us:

  • a functional movement screen, to set a baseline;
  • a discussion of where you were, where you are, your goals and needs;
  • a personalized program, that takes into account your goals and constraints;
  • a close 1 to 1 coaching, to ensure you train safely and effectively.

What you will NOT get:

  • a workout that smokes you every single time. This is exercising, not training. Exercising is self-sufficient. It has no other purpose that the current session. Training is aimed at long-term results. If you want effectiveness and progress, you need to train with purpose. If all you want is exercising, good for you, but we are not the best choice to help you.
  • 237 different movements. We may look smarter by knowing a lot of ways to do one-legged dynamic squat on bosu balls, depending if we want to develop the quads or the hamstrings. We prefer to look dumb and teach just a few exercises. But with a lot of important details on these!
  • The name of the 638 skeletal muscles in the body. If you are a doctor, you might be interested. Chances are that you are not.  We teach movement, not anatomy.
  • A different exercise every time. How do you evaluate progress if you always change the parameters?
  • Group classes. As written above, we do one-on-one coaching. Nevertheless, group classes have their advantages. If we conclude that group classes meet more your needs, we will recommend you some.

Can the coaching get boring? Yes. It is not supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be effective. Effectiveness sometimes comes with persistence and boredom. But we promise you that when results start to show, you will be excited.

Can it be uncomfortable? Yes. As they say at StrongFirst: “Your comfort is not our concern. Your safety is.”

Is it safe? Yes. See above.

How long do you need? It depends. Some will get extremely strong in 3 months. Some will need 3 months to get back to a standard level. It does not matter. Everybody has different capacities, different constraints and a different history. The only commonality is that everybody gets better, with persistence.


We are principle-based. Our approach is that strength is the master quality. Once stronger, you are also more flexible and you can endure more. We follow the principles of StrongFirst for strength and Flexible steel for flexibility. When it comes to movement assessment, we use the internationally recognized FMS.