Strength - Strong mobility


Strength is the foundation for the development of the rest of physical qualities
Professor Leonid Matveev

Flexibility? The stronger you are, the more flexible you can be. Your muscles will not fight against increased range of motion, because they have the strength to come back to their normal state. When yo can contract hard, you can also relax!

Power? Power is only strength delivered quickly. No strength, no power to display.

Endurance? First, you need to have something to endure. Endurance is the ability to maintain movement for a certain period of time. Movement is strength. The higher your strength, the less tiring a movement is, and the longer it can be done repetitively.


If you always had troubles developing strength, there are some good news! It is not your genetics that is to blame, but more likely the training modalities you were following.

With a proper training:

  • someone who is new to real strength training will increase strength extremely fast (many students are shocked to see their progress in only 3 months);
  • what you gain is lasting strength. It will not be lost fast, like cardiovascular endurance is;
  • you end most training sessions feeling good, stronger than when you started;
  • you can easily scale frequency and duration to match your constraints while keeping effectiveness;
  • you do not need much equipment, if at all;
  • Principles stay the same. Tools vary (Kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight…).

As a StrongFirst certified instructor (SFG1, SFB), I follow the StrongFirst code:

  • I am a student of strength.
  • I am a quiet professional.
  • Strength has a greater purpose

Depending of your goals and needs, we work with you to develop a tailor-made program. we do only one-on-one coaching, so that all attention can be paid to details. Therefore, your training is safe and effective.


Constraints are many.

You have a busy life ? You cannot commit to going to the gym? You prefer to train alone at home, before the kids are awake? You like to have a frequent but short training? Or to the contrary, you would rather have 2 or 3 big sessions a week and be done with it? You love the barbell and cannot imagine a program without it? Or you enjoy the purity and availability of calisthenics?

No worries! This is the principle of tailor-made training. Let’s see your goals, constraints and preference. We will always follow the same principles, but adapt the modalities.